BUDD Dispensary

Creating a successful brand launch in a rapidly expanding market.


About BUDD Dispendary

BUDD Dispensary, the inaugural retail venture by Blue Arrow Missouri, a locally owned and operated vertically integrated craft cannabis company, has recently opened its doors at the Lake of the Ozarks. Their mission goes beyond bringing medical cannabis to Missouri’s healthcare forefront; they’re dedicated to crafting and retailing premium cannabis products.

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Our approach


Effective SEO is vital for dispensaries, given the strict regulations governing cannabis advertising. With no paid advertising options, BUDD Dispensary turned to our SEO expertise to attract relevant users. Our strategy focused on high-intent keywords, securing first-page rankings for key terms like "lake of the ozarks dispensary," driving organic traffic.


We shaped BUDD Dispensary's visual and rhetorical identity, maintaining ties to Blue Arrow while establishing its unique positioning. Drawing inspiration from luxury goods, we designed a logo with a subtle blue arrow. Visual moodboards and grids laid the foundation for the brand's image.

User Personas

We created user personas for BUDD Dispensary, considering both B2C customers and potential B2B partners for the dispensary and Blue Arrow. Anticipating a potential shift toward including recreational customers alongside medical ones, we developed user personas for both groups, ensuring the brand's readiness for future developments.

Go-to-Market Strategy

Our go-to-market plan for BUDD Dispensary outlined digital and physical milestones leading to the launch. We conducted SWOT and competitive analyses, positioning BUDD Dispensary as a luxury brand within the Missouri medical cannabis market.

Social Media Strategy

We initiated BUDD Dispensary's social media accounts, employing paid and organic growth strategies, content calendars, and active community management. Navigating strict regulations, our expertise balanced brand excitement and compliance with Facebook's advertising restrictions.
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With BUDD Dispensary's physical location now open, our robust marketing partnership aimed at achieving business success remains ongoing.

Our forthcoming endeavors include the launch of their ecommerce website and an array of sustained initiatives. We eagerly anticipate further assisting the dispensary in expanding its reach among target customers and evolving into a thriving addition to the Blue Arrow brand’s retail portfolio.

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