Sleeve A Message

A customized website solution for improved ecommerce functionality, technical issue resolution, and CRM integration.


About Sleeve a Message

Sleeve a Message embodies the essence of purposeful innovation. By transforming ordinary coffee sleeves into powerful mediums for meaningful messages, this organization seamlessly merges environmental consciousness with impactful communication. Sleeve a Message not only enhances the aesthetics of coffee cups but also uplifts lives, shares meaningful stories, and contributes to a more compassionate and connected world.

creative mockup of clients product

Our approach

Technical SEO

Our website overhaul for Sleeve a Message encompassed a range of improvements aimed at enhancing user engagement, sales management, and organic search rankings. This involved addressing technical SEO concerns related to mobile adaptability, security protocols, loading speeds, user experience, broken links, sitemaps, content hierarchy, URL configuration, and other critical factors. Our commitment to best practices for tailored website development informed every aspect of the redesign.

CRM and Ecommerce Integrations

In our pursuit of optimizing the e-commerce aspect of the platform, we undertook tailored integrations to align with Sleeve a Message's operational goals and customer experience. We developed custom integrations with Salesforce, their existing order and account management solution, ensuring seamless data and order synchronization. Leveraging WooCommerce for e-commerce functionality, we expanded its capabilities by integrating various payment gateways, including PayPal. Additionally, we integrated Mailchimp to enhance email marketing initiatives by collecting new email addresses and customer insights.

Custom Illustrations and Improved UI Design

To infuse the website redesign with the same joy found in Sleeve a Message's product designs, we meticulously crafted unique illustrations and icons. These visual elements guide users through different content sections, enhancing the overall UI design. Coupled with meticulously structured content hierarchies across the site, these elements ensure a captivating user experience on every page.


The freshly unveiled website design has elicited enthusiasm from both new and existing customers, effectively showcasing Sleeve a Message's products.

The adept technical framework and seamless integrations have streamlined customer order management and product portfolios. Since the site’s launch, we’ve witnessed a remarkable surge in keyword rankings, elevating their new website several notches higher on search engine results pages, reaffirming the success of this transformative journey.

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