Club Fitness

Creating an organized, purposeful website to showcase their offerings, inspire new members to join, and allow easy access to information.


About Club Fitness

Operating across 19 locations spanning the St. Louis region, Club Fitness shines as a highly frequented health and fitness destination, offering state-of-the-art workout facilities and comprehensive training sessions led by certified instructors, alongside a variety of membership tiers that underscore its reputation as an exceptional value gym, uniting competitive pricing with an array of amenities. Their unique ownership model, combining local and employee ownership, reflects their steadfast commitment to the community. Embracing the mantra of being the “gym for all,” Club Fitness centers are thoughtfully designed to assist individuals of all fitness levels in realizing their fitness aspirations.

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Our approach


While the previous Club Fitness website maintained decent rankings for specific local keywords, our objective during the construction of the new website was not only to sustain but also to elevate these rankings. Moreover, we aimed to enhance rankings for new keywords. The creation of dedicated pages for locations, classes, and distinctive Club Fitness services allowed us to harness keywords that competitors might have overlooked, bolstering our SEO strategy.

At-Home Virtual Studio

During our collaboration on Club Fitness's new website, our development team concurrently introduced the "Virtual Fitness Hub" on their existing site. This member portal allowed remote participation in instructor-led classes, proving to be a vital solution during lockdowns. Working within the framework of the existing website, our team ensured seamless access for members and facilitated online enrollment for newcomers, at a time when many gyms faced temporary closures.

Improved UI Design

The primary goal of the fresh website was to establish a centralized platform for Club Fitness's member services, client onboarding, class schedules, and gym locations. Additionally, highlighting the Club Fitness brand and its dedication to the community while catering to diverse member needs was a top priority. Recognizing the active lifestyles of members, our team meticulously designed the new site to be mobile-responsive and user-friendly across various devices. Our UI design approach centers on creating an attractive, intuitive, and inclusive site for a broad spectrum of both new and returning users.

POS/CRM Integration

The new website necessitated seamless POS integration to streamline new member enrollment, membership fee transactions, and account adjustments. Our team at St. Louis Web Design flawlessly integrated these functions into both the front-end and back-end, complementing them with CRM integration to capture every opportunity, equipping the company with essential customer service and sales tools.

Find a Club Feature

Incorporating the "Locate a Club" feature ensured that prospective clients and existing members could effortlessly discover their nearest club. This map-based search, driven by zip codes, offered a user-friendly method for identifying nearby Club Fitness locations and accessing key information for each club, including amenities, photos, operating hours, contact details, and downloadable class schedules, elevating the overall user experience.


The journey of transformation for the Club Fitness team began with the pursuit of an upgraded, reimagined website.

Ultimately, their vision became a reality, accompanied by an unexpected addition in the form of the Virtual Fitness Hub, perfectly timed to attract potential members eager to kickstart their New Year’s resolutions. Within a matter of weeks, the website experienced a significant surge in organic rankings for valuable keywords, establishing a robust foundation for future growth. Furthermore, the “Testimonials” page saw increased traffic and user engagement. The strategic integration of the “Request Your Free VIP Pass” call to action across multiple pages continues to facilitate the daily expansion of Club Fitness’s potential clientele.

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