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About Rose Legal

Rose Legal Advocates stands as a St. Louis-based criminal defense firm helmed by attorney W. Scott Rose, boasting over two decades of dedicated practice in the field of criminal defense. Armed with an intimate knowledge of the St. Louis judicial landscape, its judges, and legal statutes, Rose passionately endeavors to deliver unparalleled criminal defense representation to his clients.

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Our approach


When we embarked on our SEO journey with Rose Legal Services, our foremost task involved a comprehensive overhaul of both the website's on-page SEO elements and the firm's Google My Business profile. This strategic shift was aimed at reshaping the firm's presence in search results, ensuring it attracted more qualified leads while deterring the influx of unqualified ones.

Site Migration

St Louis SEO Company proposed a strategic transition for the Rose Legal Services website, migrating it from its existing proprietary CMS to the widely recognized WordPress platform. This transition from a closed-source, niche management system to a more universally recognized platform presented an opportunity to bolster the website's domain authority with search engines, providing an added advantage for our SEO endeavors.

Blog Content

Subsequently, we embarked on a continuous collaboration with the client to curate strategic blog content. This SEO-focused blog content not only serves to perpetually enhance the site's search engine rankings but also furnishes valuable insights to potential clients.


Following our initial interventions with Rose Legal Services, the firm reported a landmark month with an upsurge in qualified phone calls and contact form submissions.

According to their testimony, it felt as though a “faucet had been turned on.” In the ensuing months, we also achieved notable improvements in the site’s rankings for several critical service-related keywords, catapulting it from the previous third or second page placements to prominent positions on the first page of Google search results.

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