Simon Law Firm

Converting qualified leads to benefit organizational growth.


About Simon Law Firm

The Simon Law Firm specializes in personal injury and business litigation, blending the achievements of a formidable legal powerhouse with the personalized approach characteristic of boutique firms. Since the dawn of the new millennium, they have consistently secured some of the most substantial verdicts and settlements across the nation.

Our approach

Custom SEO Strategy

In our pursuit of boosting organic traffic for qualified leads, we quickly aimed for front-page Google rankings. Starting with a comprehensive audit of their existing strategy, we devised a tailored SEO plan, introducing diverse, high-value keywords and creating custom content pages to enhance client value and Google rankings. Our continuous efforts included vigilant page rankings monitoring, web traffic, and ongoing optimizations to sustain upward momentum.

Increase Conversion Rates

Our collaboration with Simon Law Firm began in March 2021, and it's evident that their conversions remained stagnant until our strategy came into play. It's worth emphasizing that we tracked conversions using established Google Analytics goals, so this plateau doesn't represent a reset of the data baseline.

Generate Organic Web Traffic

After working with us, Simon Law Firm saw a 42 percent increase in organic sessions with over 60 percent of website visitors coming to their website from organic search. This also provided them with a higher-than-average organic conversion rate of nearly 5 percent.


Within just one year of partnering with St Louis SEO Company, the Simon Law Firm website began to perform even better than our own.

Their organic sessions and organic search traffic increase substantially, and we achieved front-page rankings for several trophy keywords, including:  

Multiple other trophy keywords also saw significant ranking increases across the board.

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